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Sofab Revoluxion Camo Commander Rocker Recliner Review

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Up until now we have looked at range of mid priced to expensive camo recliners. To balance things out a bit, we have decided to look at a much more economical choice today – the Sofab Revoluxion Camo Commander Recliner. This is a very affordable sub $500 recliner, but is it a good choice? Lets take a look at the chair below.

Product Features:
The Revoluxion recliner is a fairly generously proportioned chair, and definitely fits under the big man category. The dimensions of the chair are 43″ H x 39″W x 41″D, and the seating area is roughly 21″ x 21″. The camo color is classified as a “bold camouflage”, and it is a little different from the shade of camo we normally see. There is nothing wrong with that, and it does help to set it apart a little from the competition. This is not only a recliner, but also a rocker recliner which is a nice little addition. The chair has a decent amount of stuffing, and is somewhat comfy when you sit in it. The stuffing is made out of high density foam and fiber, and you will need to do install the foam yourself when you get the chair. In fact the entire chair comes delivered in several pieces which is a big nuisance, especially for anyone who expected a fully built chair to arrive at their home. It certainly doesn’t feel quite as luxurious as a $1000 model to sit in, but it is almost what you would expect from a chair in this price range. The support for your body isn’t quite as obvious with this recliner chair, but again this is a sub $500 chair so we can’t really complain. There is no mention of what kind of fabric is used to make the chair, but it does feel quite cheap, and we have our doubts how long it will last before it begins to tear.

Like the fabric used to build the chair, there is no mention of what kind of support the seat is. The manufacturer states that the chair is made out of wood and steel, but we aren’t sure which material has been used where. Presumably the seating box area is made using the steel, but we can’t say this with 100% certainty. The seat does feel firm enough when you are sitting on it, and hopefully this is something to do with the chair having a firm seatbox support. Aside from that, the rocking and reclining functionality is ok. The chair does not recline too far back, but it does manage to take the weight off your feet. The reclining lever on the side of the chair feels very light and cheap, so this kind of build quality does not put too much confidence in us.
So that is the Revoluxion chair in a few words. I think we could best sum this chair up as you get what you pay for. It feels cheap and has to be hand assembled, but then again it does have a very tempting price. If you are in a market for a very basic chair, then it will certainly fill that need. However if you can save up a little more money, then something like the Magnum Camo Recliner may be a much better choice.


  • Very cheap
  • Spacious
  • A few different reclining positions


  • Has to be assembled
  • Feels cheap
  • Not as comfy as other models

If you are looking to spend less than $500 on a camouflage recliner, then the Revoluxion will be one of the few you will find. It is a mediocre recliner at best, and does feel a bit on the cheap side. For the price range though, you are unlikely to find anything much better. You will find this model currently for sale on Amazon over here.

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