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Rustic Glendale Camo Recliner Review

Today we are going to be looking at something a little different – the Rustic Glendale Camo Recliner. This is not an ordinary camo style recliner, but we feel that it is quite a unique chair so it deserves a look. It is quite pricey, so does it deserve a spot in your home? Lets have a closer look at it below.

Product Features:
Chelsea home is the manufacturer of this particular chair, and it is part of their Glendale range of rustic furniture. Like most of the products we have looked at so far, this model is proudly made in the USA which is something we definitely support. As you can see by the picture, the design is quite different from your everyday recliner. The sides of the recliner are covered in a mossy camo color, while the armrests and footrests are covered in a brown polyester fabric. The back area features the image of a buck which is quite striking, and this is made from a combination of polyester and cotton. The chairĀ  is by definition a big boy chair, which has dimensions of 40″W x 40″D x 42″ H. The cushions are made with a high density foam, and all of them have zippers should you wish to replace the stuffing for whatever reason. The seating area features 16 gauge border wire which provides a comfortable yet very durable setting. The spring quantity in the chair is double nearer the arms to provide a cushier feel in the seat area.

The frame of the chair is made out of a kind of solid kiln dried hardwood. This wood is incredibly strong, and it is further reinforced with blocks at the main stress points on the frame. Sitting in the chair provides a very comfortable and relaxing experience. The frame itself feels no different from a steel variety, and the solid wood frame does a great job at keeping the chair stable. The thick padding allows you to sink into the chair, and there are a range of different angles to recline in. There is no mention of what kind of material the reclining mechanism is made out of, but it works nicely and provides a smooth and easy operation. The recliner doesn’t recline all the way back to a sleeping position, but it does provide enough of a recline to doze off in. Overall it is a very well designed chair, and you can tell that it is made to last many years. We were quite happy with this chair, but the price is a bit off putting. With a retail price of around $1900 it does cost a small fortune, but at the moment it is marked down to around $1200 on several websites which makes it a little more appealing. It does have a very unique design and build quality, but we aren’t sure if we would happily put down the full retail price for all that. If you can afford one however, we are sure you would be quite happy with it.


  • Unique look and design
  • Comfy
  • Smooth recline
  • Number of different reclining positions


  • Very pricey

The Rustic Glendale recliner is a very good looking camouflage recliner chair, but it does come at a high price. If you can get it on sale then it is more tempting, but if you can’t then you might be better off buying a cheaper model with more features. At the time of writing this model was on sale at a discounted price on Amazon. You can check if it is still on sale using this link.

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