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Realtree Camo Recliner Review

Dorel Living make a range of different furniture items, and among those products are recliners chairs. As far as we know they only sell one camouflage model which is the DA6314RT5, and we are going to take a look at that model in this article. It has a sub $300 price tag, so it certainly looks like fantastic value for money. So how does it compare to some of the similarly priced competitor models? Let’s take a closer look at the Dorel Living Realtree Camo Recliner to find out.

Product Features:
Main viewWe start off by taking a look at some of the features of this recliner. This is a rocker and recliner, although it does not rock in the reclined position. The chair is controlled by the lever on the right hand side, which is smooth and easy to operate. It has a double footrest, which can be raised without reclining the chair. This gives you a number of different positions to play around with to suit whatever position you feel like sitting in. One of the highlights of this chair is the Realtree camo fabric, which is hard not to love. This is a polyester and cotton twill fabric blend, which provides a comfy yet durable fabric. The design fits in well with any kind of impartial decor, and it goes particularly well with any kind of wood furnishings. The back cushions and the seat cushions are sown in, and the seat has a mix of foam and coils which gives a good amount of support.

Side viewThis recliner has dimensions of 36.5″W x 37″L x 39″H, and a seat height of 19″. This puts it in the medium sized recliner range, and should be suitable for anyone up to around 6′ tall at a rough guess. Anyone taller would struggle to be comfortable in it, as your neck would not be supported well at the top, and your calves would likely hang off the edge of the footrest. Make sure you keep this in mind, as any taller folks will likely have to look for a different model. If you are looking for an oversized larger recliner, then this model is not going to be ideal for you.
There is no mention what the frame is made out of, but we would guess some sort of hardwood combined with steel. With a shipping weight of 69 pounds, it is quite hefty so we wouldn’t be too concerned about the durability of the frame. According to the owners manual it does have a weight limited of 225lbs, but we would wager it can support a little more than that without putting too much extra strain on the chair.

Fabric closeupThis model is shipped in two parts – the main seating area, and the backrest. Assembling it is quite straightforward, as you simply slot the backrest section into the base by lining it up into the slots, and it should click into place. Once that is done it is ready for use. Some of you may be wondering how far this actually reclines. The second picture in this article shows the recliner at its lowest, which is at roughly 45 degrees. In this position it becomes quite easy to fall asleep, and we suspect many of the owners will be very happy with the comfort levels from this recliner. It is very easy to sink into the chair and spend a few hours relaxing, without even realizing how long you had been there.

Since it is a budget model, you don’t get any premium extras such as heating pads, vibrating or massaging abilities, cup holders or even side pockets. However at this price it is very hard to complain, and you won’t find another model at the same price bracket that can offer any of these premium features. With that in mind it does provide a good comfortable reclining experience, which does not leave a large hole in your pocket. For that reason we think it is a good choice, and a worthwhile investment.


  • Great price
  • Fabric looks good
  • Smooth reclining mechanism
  • Rocks & reclines
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not suitable for taller folks

If you are looking for a very affordable rocker & recliner that comes in an classic camo design, then the Dorel Living Realtree Camo recliner is a good choice. It is easy to assemble, and very comfy to sit in. The only downside to it is that it is a little on the small side, however taller folks will likely be looking for an oversized recliner in any case. At the time of writing this model was found cheapest on Amazon, and you can check the current pricing and read some of the many user reviews on the Amazon product page.

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