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Office Stor Camo Office Chair Review

A few weeks ago we received an email from someone who was looking for a camo office chair. Naturally we didn’t know of any since we only look at camo recliners, but nonetheless we had a quick look online to see if such chairs existed. It turns out there are a few available on the market, and one of the nicer ones we came across is the Office Stor Camo Office chair. Today we are going to have a look at this particular chair to see how good it is. Read on below for more info.

Product Features:
As a company, there is no real info on Office Stor so we found it hard to get any real info on the reliability of this chair. Nonetheless it does look quite good in person, and the mossy oak kind of camouflage gives it a great unique look. The base of the chair is made out of leather (or synthetic leather, we aren’t 100% sure). On top of that base is the padded camouflage cushioning.
This is what is known as an executives chair, so it is quite large and spacious. The dimensions of the chair are 45″ H x 26″ W x 29″ D. It is a high back chair, so in addition to providing proper lumbar / lower back support, it also supports your shoulders and neck quite nicely. The entire chair is very well padded, and there is roughly 2″ of padding on the top later of fabric. This doesn’t not include the padding in the base of the chair, so as you can imagine it is quite comfy to sit in.

The armrests are also padded, though not quite as generously. They are however wide enough to give you enough support when you are working. The base of the chair is supported by 5 caster wheels which are easy to move around on. This is a gas lift chair, so adjusting it to your height is quick and easy. There is also tilt functionality built into the chair, which is convenient if you want to lie back and relax for a bit. The chair itself feels very stable when you are sitting in it, and the maximum weight capacity is 250lbs although we suspect it could probably handle more than that. Aside from that there is not a whole lot else to say about the chair. It is comfortable and feels well built, while still being ergonomic enough to provide a reasonable support for your back and shoulders. With a retail price of around $200, it is somewhat affordable. This seems to be the going rate for any quality office / executive chair, so if you are looking for a camo type one then this is certainly not a bad choice.


  • Nice looking design
  • Well padded
  • Comfortable
  • Ergonomic
  • Tilt & height functionality


  • None

The Office Stor Camouflage office chair is a decent affordable choice. It looks goods, and is comfy to sit in. It provides good ergonomic support, and has tilt and height adjustments. You will find this chair currently for sale on Amazon over here.

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