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Magnum Camo Rocker & Recliner Review

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Yet another popular choice at the moment is the Magnum Camo Rocker and Recliner. Like the Cloud Nine recliner we looked at a few weeks ago, this is another promising choice for a big and comfy recliner. With a retail price of around $800 it is very affordable. But how does it compare to competing products? Keep reading to find out more.

Product Features:
Like the Cloud Nine recliner we previously looked at, this recliner is also made by Catnapper who have a long history of making quality recliners. This is also a fully USA made recliner, so you can be sure it is a good buy. Like the Cloud Nine, this has a full steel seat box which makes sure it will last for many years. There is also a direct drive cross bar at the base of the seat box, which prevents any side to side movement. The reclining mechanism is called a “Steel Tech” unit, and works with smoothness and precision. The maximum weight rating on this recliner is 300lbs, which is more or less standard for a recliner of this size. There are two color choices for this model, which are infinity (pictured to the left) and mossy oak which is a lighter shade of camouflage. The recliner is covered in a full cotton fabric, which is cool and comfortable to the touch. The dimensions of this unit are also quite generous at 46″ H x 48″ W x 44″ D.  In addition, there is a pocket on the side of the recliner to keep your books and magazines in which is a nice touch!

Sitting in the recliner chair is quite an experience, as it gives you a really relaxed seating position. The entire chair is very thickly padded, and the padding is certainly more than enough to keep you comfortable for hours on end. We should also mention thatthis model is not only a recliner, but also a rocker. For those that have trouble sleeping, the gentle rocking motion can help to put you to sleep.
Aside from that, this recliner also has a heat and massage mode. These are some great little extras, and really help to make this model stand out from the competition. For a sub $1000 recliner that has a heating and massage function, this is certain a great deal. The footrests provide adequate support, but if you are over 6 ‘6 then you may find it a little on the short side.
With a retail price of around $800, this is certainly a really good value camo recliner. It feels very solid and well built, and the extra functionality such as heating and massaging really help to make it a good choice.


  • Well built
  • Very comfortable
  • Competitively priced
  • Has heating and massage functionality
  • Pocket on side


  • None

If you are in the market for a great recliner, then the Magnum Catnapper camo recliner is definitely worth a look. It is very affordable, and comes with some premium extras such as heating and massage functionality, which are generally only reserved for more expensive models. You can check out some user reviews and see the current price of this model on Amazon over here.

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