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Kidz World Mossy Oak Camo Kids Recliner Review

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Having looked at a big range of large mens recliners over the course of the past few months it is now time to turn our focus to something completely different. Unknown to many people there is a popular range of recliners designed specifically for children. A popular color choice is of course camouflage, and today we are going to be taking a look at the popular Kidz World Camo Kids Recliner. With a retail price of under $200, it is certainly much cheaper than a larger adult recliner! But is the quality good enough to warrant a purchase? Lets see if we can decide that below.

Product Features:
Now before we look at the chair itself, we should mention that it comes in a few different sizes to suit a range of differently aged children. The size we are going to be looking at today is the small size, designed for kids who are 4-6 years old. This particular range is part of the John Deere range of kids furniture that they manufacture, so you will find the John Deere logo sewn into the back of the chair. Kidz World make all of their chairs in the USA, which is definitely something we wholeheartedly support. The chair comes in a mossy oak color, which is made out of a polyester fabric. The entire frame of the chair is made out of a mixed hardwood frame, which should be tough enough for any amount of jumping up and down! The reclining mechanism is made out of steel, and from our limited tests provides a nice smooth action. In order to recliner the chair, the footrest must first be pulled out from the front, and then the child can pull back on the armrests to recline the chair. This means there is no lever like a conventional recliner, and this is supposedly to make the chair safer for use. The only issue with this is that very small kids may struggle to get the footrest open on their own.

The main chair and rear cushion are filled with a dense fiber, which provides enough support for a small child. The armrests are flat on top, and the layer of fiber on these is a little thin. This shouldn’t really be a major concern, as a small child will not need a whole lot of support in that area. A handy little feature is the addition of a cup holder, which is built into the right arm. This is something we would like to see more of, especially in the adult versions!
Now testing the chair is a bit of an issue, since we can’t physically do it ourselves. My nephew who is 6 years old did have a quick go on the chair, but trying to get any decent feedback from a child is somewhat challenging. From what I gathered he felt like a king sitting in the kids camo chair, which definitely seems like positive feedback in our opinion. The chair does seem to be very well built, and feels like a quality product, but that is about as much of our own feedback we can give. We have read quite a few happy user reviews from parents, so that must count for something. With a reasonable price, this kids camo recliner should provide many hours of happy comfort for your child.


  • Well priced
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Plenty of padding
  • Built in cup holder


  • Smaller kids may struggle to get the footrest open

If you are looking for a recliner for your child, then the Kidz World Mossy Oak recliner seems like a good choice. It is affordable, and seems to be well built. At the time of writing this model was for sale on Amazon, and you can see if it is still on sale at this link.

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