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How do you choose the ideal camo recliner?

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If you are looking at buying a camouflage recliner, you have come to the right place! Since there isn’t that much information or resources on picking out one of these recliners, we made this site for anyone else who was looking for one of them. There are quite a few different models and kinds to choose from, so how do you decide which one will be best for your needs? We have written a handy little guide to help you with that below this, and after reading that we recommend you take a look at some of the top rated models we have come across.
Before you run to the shop and buy the first recliner you see, you should keep a few things in mind before you make a choice. This little writeup will hopefully give you something to think about before you spend those hard earned dollars. Recliners have been made for almost over a century now, with the first ones being produced around 1919. The same basic fundamentals are still applicable today when it comes to choosing a decent model. So read on below for more info, otherwise you can head straight on over to our top rated models section over here.

Will it fit in the room?

Now the first thing you need to think about are the dimensions of the recliner. Will it fit comfortably in the space you have made for it? Remember to look at the fully extended dimensions, and make sure your allocated space is enough to accommodate this. There are several wall hugger camo recliner chairs currently for sale on the market, and these are often better suited to smaller rooms. For those who don’t know, a wall hugger recliner can be placed closer to a wall, as the back of the recliner will only require a few inches to open. Standard recliners need at least a foot of space behind them to extend, so keep this in mind if you are thinking of placing the recliner in a smaller room. Be sure not to skip this step, as the last thing you want is to end up with a bulky recliner that is too big for the intended space!

What kind of fabric do you want?

Next up you will want to think about the type of fabric you prefer. Recliners come in all kinds of fabrics, from cheaper varieties such as suede and microfiber, all the way up to pricier options such as leather. It also depends on your preferences too. Some folks don’t like leather, as it can be a little slippery or even get sticky on hot days. You will have to make a budget, and then see what kind of fabrics will fit into that budget. Suede is one of the most popular choice these days, as it is very durable and easy to clean. If you have kids who may use the recliner, then an easy to clean fabric might be a good investment. However that isn’t a major concern, as the camouflage pattern will at least help to hide some stains! At the end of the day it is all up to you and which you prefer.

What features will you need?

After that you will need to see what kind of features and ease of use options the recliner can offer. The main feature here to look at is how easy the machine is to operate. Does the machine recline to different degrees, or does it only recliner to one position? Can the legs and the back recline independently, or do they only recline together? Can the headrest be adjusted? If you are looking for a simple recliner then most of these questions won’t apply to you. However for those of you looking for a flexible recliner, these are some of the questions you must ask before you make any purchase. All these additional flexibility options will increase the price of the recliner, so be sure to budget for this if necessary.

Additional options to consider

You should also look at the comfort of the recliner. Does it have a suitable amount of stuffing to keep you comfortable? Will the dimensions of the recliner leave you in a comfortable position, or will you need a narrow or wide chair?
If you are looking at getting a recliner for health reasons, then you will find that many of them come with a heating feature. For those folks with back pain, this feature combined with the relaxing position of the recliner provides some much needed relief. Some camo recliners also have a built in massage feature. Again this is a really good investment, as it allows you to unwind and relax with the press of a button.These models don’t really cost that more than the conventional models, so we think it is worthwhile paying the extra for these features if you intend to use them.


These are some of the important features you will need to think about before making any choices. Remember that there are many different options available, so make sure you find the right one before making a purchase! At the top of that list would be one with the correct dimensions and reclining features, so keep those two options at the top of your priority list. Recliners range in price from $500 all the way up to about $2000, so there are plenty of different options to pick from. The average model goes for around $750, so you should try to budget at least this much to get a semi decent model. If you are looking for a decent model, then you can take a look at our reviews section.