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Cloud Nine Chaise Rocker Recliner Review

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A camo recliner that has earned a popular following is the Cloud Nine Chaise Rocker Recliner. This is a nice sized camouflage recliner, which comes with a fairly affordable price tag. Is it worth the cost, or are there better recliners out there? Lets have a closer look at it below.

Product Features:
The Cloud Nine recliner is made by Catnapper USA, who is one of the bigger brands of recliner manufacturers in the USA. This model comes in a mossy oak camouflage color, which blends in nicely with most living rooms. It is quite a large recliner, measuring in at 46″ H x 48″ W x 44″ D. The recliner needs 6″ at the back to recline, and 12 inches in the front when it is fully extended. This is otherwise know as a big boy recliner, but that doesn’t mean it is simply designed for larger guys or gals! This recliner can supports weights up to 300lbs, and it has a full steel seat box for maximum support and durability. The steal seat box is supported by metal mending plates, providing a very tough base. The seat springs are made out of 8 gauge “Anti Sag” springs, which are designed to offer many years of trouble free support. It has an Omega reclining mechanism, which is almost whisper quiet, and provides smooth and fast reclining comfort.

The entire recliner is very generously padded, and is designed for ultimate comfort. The width from inner arm to arm is 22″, which provides a large and comfy base for anyone to relax in. You almost sink into this chair, and it provides a very comfortable base for hours of relaxing pleasure. The reclining position doesn’t quite go all the way back into a sleeper position, but it does go far back enough to get the weight off your legs and back. The entire chair feels very sturdy and well made. We would take a guess that it would happily support more than 300lbs in weight due to the high build quality. The included ottoman does a good job of supporting your legs, is long enough to support taller folks too. A nice additional feature included with this model is a rocker function. This is handy if you want to take a break from the reclining position, and it does this in a nice gentle manner.

Overall we really like the Cloud Nine recliner. It looks good, and provides a very comfortable support. There is a ton of padding on this recliner, and the entire chair feels very sturdy and well built. The included Ottoman does a nice job of supporting your legs, and the rocking feature is a nice bonus. There aren’t a whole load of user reviews of this model online, but it is one of the better camo choices we have seen. With a retail price of around $800, this is a well made affordable choice for many people.


  • Looks good
  • Solid steel frame with supports
  • Lots of padding
  • Nice ottoman
  • Rocking function


  • Doesn’t recline to a sleeper position

The Cloud Nine Chais Rocker Recliner is a very good choice in our eyes. It is a great looking and affordable Catnapper camo recliner, and comes with a tough yet very comfortable base. At the time of writing you can find this model on offer at Amazon over here.

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