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Childrens Camo Recliners

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A few years ago we had a look at the Kidz World Mossy Oak Recliner, which left us quite impressed. Since that review was a few years ago, we decided to take another look at the market to see if there were any other childrens camo recliners which were worth buying. The good news is that we have found several different models that deserve a look, so let’s take a look at some of those below.

Flash Furniture Kids Camo Recliner

Flash Furniture Kids Camo ReclinerFirst up we are going to have a look at one of the cheaper options which is the Flash Furniture Kids Camo Recliner. This model is on the mid end of the price scale, and retails for a rather attractive $99 price point. This chair features a woodland style camo design, and is covered in a tough fabric upholstery. This is an easy to clean fabric, which can be wiped with a damp cloth to get off any dirt or unfortunate spills. The chair is generously padded with soft foam, and this is mounted on the sturdy frame. According to the manufacturer specifications it can support a weight limit of 90lbs, but we would guess that it could take up to 100lbs quite easily.
This recliner has rough dimensions of 24″ W x 25″D x 28″H, so it will suit 3-8 year old kids. A nice bonus feature on this chair is the integrated cup holder which is built into the right arm. This cup holder is quite a nice size, and should hold most sippy cups.
With an affordable price tag and a good build quality, it is easy to see why this is a popular choice. You can find out more about this chair and check the current price over on the Amazon page.

Dozydotes Pink Camo Childrens Recliner

Dozydotes Pink Camo Childrens ReclinerIf your child is a big fan of the pink camo style look, then the Dozydotes Pink Camo Childrens Recliner will certainly win them over. This model also retails for around the $99 mark, which is also good value for money. It has a vibrant pink camo design, which certainly makes it stand out from the many other design for sale on the market. It has a tough and durable fabric covering, which feels like it can withstand a fair amount of use. The chair has a soft foam filling which provides a good range of support. The frame feels very sturdy, although there is no mention of a maximum supported weight.
This recliner has dimensions of 25″D x 28″H x 23″W, so it is also suitable for 3-8 year old children.
Aside from that there isn’t a whole lot to say about this chair, and it is fairly affordable and reliable choice. You can check the current price and get more info on the chair over at the Amazon product page.

Kidz World Real Tree Camouflage Kids Recliner

Kidz World Real Tree Camouflage Kids ReclinerAnd finally we come to the pick of the bunch – the Kidz World Real Tree Camouflage Kids Recliner. This model is a little bit pricier than the other two at around $130, but it does come with a number of good features. One of the standouts features in this model is the real tree camo pattern, which is a 3d style design featuring branches and leaves. This looks great, and is one of the best camo designs we have seen. This pattern is printed on a polyester blend material, which is easily cleaned with some mild soap and water. It has a good amount of padding, which provides a comfy and supportive base. The frame is made out of wood, and this gives it a firm and sturdy base.
This model has similar dimensions to the other chairs of 24″W x 23″D x 28″H, so will again support kids of around 3-8 years old. There are a few other things worth mentioning such as the built in cup holder on the right side arm. This will comfortably house most sippy cups and bigger glasses. Another thing worth mentioning is this chair ships fully assembled, so you won’t need to worry about piecing it together bit by bit.
This model can also be found in a pink camo style design, which features a pastel pink and 3d tree branch design. These two designs are perfect for a boy and a girl, so be sure to take a look at the other model as it is also a great choice.
You can get more info on these two models and read some of the many positive user reviews on the Amazon page over here.


Above are a few of the better choices you have when looking for a childs camo recliner. Be sure to lookout for a model that has a durable fabric, is easy to clean, and of course is the correct size! Most kids recliners cater towards the 2-9 year old range, so if your child is near the top of this age range, then they will soon outgrow it. The next size up is an adult recliner, so this is what you will need to consider if they are getting older. But if they are still young, then the above few models will give them many years of happy relaxation!