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Chelsea Home Big Mans Camo Recliner Review

Chelsea Home is one of the biggest manufacturer of recliners in the USA, and they currently have a few camo style models on the market. The model we are going to look at today is the Big Mans camo recliner. With the retail price of around $1350 it is somewhat of a premium product. But is it worth that amount of cash? Lets have a closer look at the model below.

Product Features:
First up lets take a look at the design of the chair. The chair isn’t entirely made out of a camo fabric, but rather the seat and backing use the camo color, while the arms and front use a a glossy brown kind of “tobacco” fabric. The sides and back are made using a brown kind of microfiber, and all of these designs combined make a really nice looking chair. The frame of the chair is made out of oak hardwood, which makes for a tough resilient frame. Being a big man chair the dimensions are quite large, and the chair measures in at 45″ H x 41″ W x 44″ D. The chair uses 8 gauge steel springs in the chair for support, and these are placed close together to give the best fit for your body. The main chair support is covered by 1.8 high density foam layer, which is then covered by dacron. The rear of the chair is supported by 12 gauge springs, which are then covered over by a thick layer of polyester fibers for ultimate comfort. There is a hidden zipper at the back of the chair, which allows you to adjust the rear cushion fibers to your personal preference.

Sitting in the chair is certainly a very nice experience. It molds well to your body shape, and provides a good amount of support while at the same time it also adapts enough to make you feel very relaxed. The closely fitted springs in the main cushion do a great job of providing a close support for the bulk of your weight, and the as mentioned above you can adjust the rear cushion to your liking. The armrests are fairly fat and well padded, and provide a really comfy resting point for hours of relaxation. The reclining functionality is easy to operate with the lever on the side, which feels sold and sturdy. The reclining mechanism is whisper quiet, and there are a variety of positions you can relax in. Overall the chair feels very durable and well built, while still being comfortable to provide an excellent level of relaxation after a hard day.
That is a basic summary of the Big Mans Camo recliner. It is well designed, and provides a stable and comfy area to relax in. The only issue we have with it is the price, which is a little on the high side. Obviously it is a very well made chair, but you will have to decide if you are willing to fork out that much money for a recliner. If you can afford to spend that much, then you will definitely be pleased with what you get.


  • Unique look
  • Very comfy
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Back cushion can be adjusted to your preference


  • Little pricey

The Chelsea Home Big Mans Recliner is a fine choice, as it is a tough and durable chair. In addition to this it is very comfy, and comes with a classy unique design. It does come at a cost, but that is to be expected from a quality recliner. At the time of writing this model was on sale on Amazon, and you can check if it is still on sale over here.

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