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Many people out there love the look of a camo recliner, but aren’t quite ready to splurge out a few hundred dollars for a brand new camo chair. However you will be pleased to know that there are several camo recliner covers that you can fit onto on your current recliner. These covers give you the benefits of keeping your recliner in great shape, as they make sure any spills, dirt or even animal hairs are kept off your recliner. These covers can also give your old recliner a shiny new camouflage facelift. But despite being quite cheap, are they a worthwhile investment? We hope to find out, so let’s take a look at some of the more popular choices you will find for sale on the market today.

Mossy Oak 9053RECL Camo Recliner Cover

Mossy Oak 9053RECL Camo Recliner CoverIf you are looking for a very affordable cover, then the Mossy Oak 9053RECL Camo Recliner Cover is one of the cheaper options you will find. This model retails for around $30, so it is good value for money. You may have noticed the RECL which stands for recliner in the model name, and this is because Mossy Oak also sell the same cover for loveseats and sofas. It is made out of 100% Polyester, and has a water repellent coating for those unfortunate liquid spills. This coating also means it is resistant to other materials including dirt and grime. If you do happen to spill anything on it, then you can simply throw it in the washing machine as it is machine washable. In terms of sizing, this cover claims to fit any recliners up to 30″ wide.  That is quite a generous assumption unfortunately, as the marketing picture is a little misleading. This cover is smaller than it appears, and you will struggle to fit on anything but a skinny recliner. On top of this the only way to secure it to the chair is via two elastic bands which run down the back. These bands are very flimsy, and we would be willing to bet that they would snap under a little pressure.

We aren’t sure what the term is for this kind of design, but it is certainly more of a semi cover than a full blown cover. The front of the cover and the sections that hang over the armrests simply hang in place with nothing holding them down. This means the cover moves around a little on a fabric style recliner, and if you are brave you an always use some safety pins to hold it in place. It is a different story on a leather recliner, as the slippery leather surface means the cover will constantly shift and bunch up since it is not held in place. This makes for a frustrating experience, especially on wider recliners on which the cover does not effectively fit. The fabric on this cover may be good quality, but due to the misleading size and the lack of straps to hold it down, we simply cannot recommend it. However don’t simply take our word for it – you can visit the Amazon product page and take a look at some of the many unhappy user reviews yourself.

Kings Camo Woodland Recliner Cover

Kings Camo Woodland Recliner CoverIt seems like semi covers like the Mossy Oak listed above are perhaps not the ideal choice, so how does a full cover compare? Let’s take a look at the Kings Camo Woodland Recliner cover to find out. This cover fits over the entire chair instead of sitting on top, and is a little more expensive at around $40. Like the Mossy Oak above, this cover also comes in a variety of other sizes besides the recliner option, including the chair, love seat and sofa choices. This model is a polyester blend material, which comes with the usual benefits such as being dirt and grime resistant. It is also machine washable, and stain resistant. It claims to be slip resistant too, but more on that below.

Now the big difference with this model is that it is a full on slipcover, so it slides over the entire recliner. It has no straps to secure it to the chair, but instead has an elasticized bottom which holds it in place. This works very well, assuming you don’t have a very skinny of a massive oversized recliner. It has a nice snug fit to it, and you don’t have to deal with the annoyance of the cover shifting out of place every time you move! The material is quite light, but it feels fairly durable. The design has more of a rustic feel to it, but it will certainly appeal to any camo lovers out there. Another big advantage to this chair is that it comes with a 10 year no quibble return, so the company obviously has a lot of confidence in this cover. We can say without doubt that it is a far better choice than the Mossy Oak cover above, and is certainly worth spending a few more dollars to get something that actually fits properly.
As usual we recommend you do your own research before making any purchases, so be sure to head over to the Amazon page to check out some of the many positive reviews for this cover.


That is a quick look at two of the top selling camo recliner covers currently available. We would advise you avoid the semi cover style models such as the Mossy Oak 9053RECL, as there is no way to secure them in place which will lead you having to readjust them on a daily basis. We think a proper full slipcover such as the Kings Camo model is the best option, so this is what we would recommend. It does not cost that much, and will help keep your recliner in top shape.