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A look at various other camo chairs

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After looking at many different camo recliners over the past few months, we were asked if there were any other camo style chairs worth owning. It turns out there are quite a few different models to consider, ranging from moon to directors chairs. All of the models we looked at seemed like find choices, so we thought we would do a quick writeup detailing some of them. Please note that we have not reviewed these models ourselves, so this is essentially a summary of the product details. If you want a opinion of the actual product quality, then we recommend you read some user reviews before putting any money down!

Lucky Bums Youth Moon Camp Chair

Lucky Bums Youth Moon Camp ChairTo begin with we are going to take a look at this camo moon chair made by lucky bums. They manufacture three different sizes of these chairs including small for very young children, medium for tweens and large for teenagers and adults. The large size is big enough to suit most adults, and according to the manufacturer it can support weights of up to 300lbs. The entire chair is supported by a sturdy steel frame, and has tear resistant material.

The camo pattern is a sort of timber camo, which is quite dark but it still looks really good. This particular chair comes with a limited lifetime warranty against material or workmanship, so Lucky Bums is clearly very confident in this particular chair. It also comes with handy carry bag, making transportation quick and easy. With a retail price of around $70 for the large chair, it looks like this is a good choice. You can check the current pricing and user reviews on Amazon at this link.

MAC Sports Camo Director’s Chair

MAC Sports Camo Director's ChairNext up we have the Mac Sports camo directors chair. If you are looking for a mini portable chair, then this looks quite promising. This model has a steel powder coated frame, which allows it to hold up to 225lbs of weight in total.

It is made out of 600-denier polyester fabric, which is very tough and tear / weather resistant. It is quite large in size, measuring in at 32″ W x 19.25″ D x 32″ H. The padded armrests provide a bit of comfort for your arms, and a nice little extra is the handy fold out metal shelf on the side which has a built in drink holder.

With a retail price of around $60, this is one of the more affordable camo directors chairs you will come across. You can check the current price of this chair on Amazon by going here.


Flash Furniture Kids Camouflage Fabric Rocker Recliner

Flash Furniture Kids Camouflage Fabric Rocker ReclinerLastly we have the Flash Furniture Pink Camo chair. As you can imagine, this chair is quite small and aimed at younger girls. This is a rocker and recliner, allowing your child to feel all grown up in their own personal recliner. From what we have read about it, the chair doesn’t recline too far back.

The rocking function is also disabled when the chair is in a reclined mode, but this definitely sounds like a good safety feature. The frame of the recliner is made out of a hardwood, and is covered in a soft foam. The foam is covered in durable fabric upholstery, which is designed to be easy to clean. It has a listed retail price of around $250 or so which makes it a little pricey, however at the time of writing it was heavily discounted on Amazon with free shipping. You can check if it is still on sale over here.