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A look at camo bean bag chairs

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In this article we are going to do something a little different, and instead of looking at a recliner chairs we are going to look at some camo bean bag chairs. We were recently asked if they were any quality ones you can buy, and we have seen a few since then. Below we are going to list some of the better ones currently available, so if this is something you are interested in then keep reading! Please bear in mind these are not reviews as we have not actually tested these bean bags ourselves, but more product summaries. These particular bean bags all have a few customers reviews, so our information is purely based on that.

ABC Lifestyle Camo Bean Bag Chair

Bean bag chairs are often a firm favorite amongst kids, and to cater for this demand we have the ABC Lifestyle camo bean bag chair for kids. This model comes in a size that will suit most kids and young teenagers, and has a diameter of 96″ in size.
The camo pattern on this chair is a classic army style pattern, which will appeal to most boys. The chair itself has twin locking zippers, making it easy to remove or add more beans at any point.

Being designed for kids, it has an easy to clean fabric that can be wiped down to make short work of any spills! With a retail price of around $60, this should provide many hours of comfortable seating. You can see the current pricing and read some user reviews on Amazon over here.


Advantage MAX-4 Camouflage Bean Bag Chair

If you are looking for something a bit bigger, then the Advantage Max-4 Camouflage bean bag chair is one such model to consider. This model has a generous 112″ circumference, and is proudly made in the USA. This model comes with a timber camouflage pattern which looks really nice. The chair is filled with recycle-able polystyrene beans, and the chair comes with a lifetime warranty on the double stitched seams so you know it is very tough and durable.

This bean bag is filled with 11.5 cubic feet of  beans, and has an auto lock zipper to make sure the beans don’t start falling out. With a retail price of just over $100, this looks like a affordable and durable choice. You can check some user reviews and see the latest pricing on Amazon over here.


Dorm Camo Bean Bag Chair

Lastly we have the Dorm room camo bean bag chair. This costs a little more than the other two at around $130, but it is a little different. As you might notice from the picture, it comes in a pear shape. This provides two advantages – it gives you better back and neck support, and it takes up a little more space which is why it is called a dorm chair. The camo pattern is somewhat traditional, and there is a handle on the top to make moving it around as easy as possible.

Also built into the side is a pocket, which gives you enough space to store a few small items such as phones or remotes. Like the Advantage Max-4 above, this model is made in the USA which is a definite plus.It is also double stitched, so it should be very durable. If you are looking for a space saving design, then this is one to consider. You can take a look at the current pricing and some user reviews on Amazon at this link.